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EAR"TH" (Earth Alien Research "The Humans")

2008-07-04 23:30:33 by Officialerr0r

These were my first animations made in some program on my old computer, I wish I could remember what the hell it was called. EAR"TH" is a cartoon based on the Halo games about a Grunt named JimJam and his (shortly lived) adventures on the earth. I'm actually writing a script for a movie or mini-series about JimJam based on the Halo 3 storyline, a bit of closure for myself to end JimJam and his friends once and for all. For those interested here's my entire collection of the episodes of EAR"TH"

P.S.: Some aren't in good quality and there's a beep in some of the episodes...yeah i made them a long time ago and I don't feel like fixing oh well

EAR"TH" (Earth Alien Research "The Humans")


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2009-06-19 08:07:06

Maybe you should put someone the ART portal